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Jones on Homes

Jones on Homes has completed numerous residential, retail, and commercial projects since our inception as a corporation in 2005. The vast majority of our residential projects have been of the renovation/remodel nature, including multiple whole home renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations, basement developments, great room renovations, and dozens of exterior finishing projects that included the construction of decks, fences, retaining walls, and other similar products. Our retail and commercial projects have varied in nature from small service-type improvements including fixture and display fabrication and installations, to large tenant improvement projects such as the conversion of a (approx.) 3000 sq. ft. office space to a fully operational Dental Clinic.

Jones on Homes is currently aligned with a number of other businesses who share Jones’ ambition, integrity, and with whom we feel add value to our products and services. These alignments (both formal and informal partnerships) ultimately enable Jones on Homes to provide clients with increased value for their construction dollar.

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Nuts & Bolts
Is Your Stucco Prepared?
May 21, 2010
Everything in life eventually fails. Given enough time, it's inevitable. Your lawnmower, your coveted 1969 Mustang, hell, that thing you called a 'relationship' with your ex-wife, whatever. It's all going to end up as dust in the wind.

Thankfully, however, with a little bit of maintenance, awareness and love, we can all add a little life to the things that we need to help keep us safe, secure and happy -- and the stucco exterior on your home is certainly no exception.

Left untreated and ill prepared on your residence, stucco can decay and eventually fail over time, resulting in...
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We aspire to support youth hockey development by leading an effort to build outdoor rinks in our local communities.